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Flight to Punta Arenas, Chile

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Yet another plane to board on my way to Patagonia to the town of Punta Arenas, Chile. Over 12 hours of flying already and still counting. I boarded a plane in Santiago at 9:30 a.m. and will arrive in Punta Arenas at 3:00 p.m. Looking forward to this fucken flight!

Had a couple of stopovers on my way to Punta Arenas. I took a domestic flight on an airline that would be equivalent to Southwest in the states. Stopped in Puerto Montt and some other tiny town in the middle of nowhere. Stayed on the same plan the entire flight. The stopovers were brutal. We fly, land, people get off and others board, fly again, then land and people get on and off. By this time I'm so over flying.

Patagonia is a barren and unforgiving land. Here are a few shots from the plane. Frozen lakes everywhere. Snow, mountains, ocean, and deserts collide in this moon like landscape.



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Made it to Chile

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Did I mention I've been fighting a cold for the past few days? My body is a fucken phlegm factory! And this dam cold made the flight to Chile miserable. After 8.5 hours I landed in Lima, Peru for a stopover and change of plane. Nothing exciting to see in the airport in Lima. Just your usual duty free shops, weary travellers, and over-priced foods. It costs USD $6 for a tiny salami sandwhich.


For the flight from Lima, Peru to Santiago, Chile I boarded a smaller plane and that flight was packed for a red-eye. Landed in Santiago 3.5 hours later at 6 AM local time. No visa required to visit Chile if you're an American. You just have to pay USD $140 for a tourist card called a reciprocity fee and it's good for the life of the passport. It's basically a you fucked us so we're gonna fuck you back type of deal. The US makes visiting Chileans pay $140 so they make us do the same when we visit their hood.

No time to sit around once I landed in Chile since I had to catch a flight to Patagonia 3 hours later. Took some time to go through Chilean customs but nothing compared to customs in America. Tired and weary waiting for my flight to Patagonia I found a familiar friend. The evil behemoth that is Starbucks. That damn corporation is everywhere but I admit I love giving them my money. Struggled a bit ordering a latte because of the language barrier. I went back and forth a few times trying to tell them my name: Nathan. I gave up and just said yes so the girl wrote "Nithen" on my cup.


Tired and weary I sipped on my $4 latte happy that I'm making Starbucks richer.


While waiting for my flight to Punta Arenas I found this Chilean ice cream with a rather interesting name.


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The Adventure Begins

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My bags are packed and I'm f'ing ready for my adventure to Chile. I don't know how I did it but my high maintenance lame ass was able to cram 2 weeks worth of clothes and gear into 1 backpack. All thanks to the Eagle Creek pack-it cubes. So to that good friend of mine that said I can't pack light when I travel, well, thank you for the motivation but you can eat your words now.


I leave LAX this Sunday afternoon. I'll be meeting a friend there at LAX and we both will be traveling to Chile together. We land in Santiago the following day and will have to endure a 14 hour flight and thankfully the booze is free on international flights. Three hours after arriving in Santiago, Chile we have to catch a flight out to Punta Arenas, Chile and will spend 4 days there trekking Patagonia. Badass huh?!

Well, I'm ready as I'll ever be..I just need to remember my DOS and DONT's when in Chile:

1. Don't be rowdy around indigenous peoples and don't put cameras up against there faces as both behaviors can be seen as particularly offensive.

2. Blow kisses in the wind when greeting each other.

3. Don't discuss communism with Chileans...it's a touchy subject (this will be the toughest one not to do...Viva la Revolucion!)

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